You know how it goes:

day after your exhibition opening party and the gallery is in complete disarray and you have to get everything sorted for tomorrow.

At this point you think ‘God, I should really sort this place out, there’s so much bloody clutter everywhere’ but you never get round to doing that. Well, a few London galleries have recently been employing a declutter service where an expert at organising and cleaning a space can come in and clear and organise and sort out your space. I know so many gallery runners who could really use this kind of thing quite desperately actually! messy-office-spruce-up-startup

Messy, messy, messy! Totally mental. Getting tidy isn’t easy, I know that better than anyone, but it something which has to happen and can become a habit if you cultivate it. Because this is how it is and this is how it goes!

You’ve got to get cleaner buddy, there is very little other choice for you, I mean what else can you do? If you keep your space filthy and un-organised your going to look like a big unprofessional ass hole. And you don’t want to look like that, the art world is notoriously unforgiving for ass holes…