So, neon.

I recently spent a few hours wondering around a wondrous little hole out past Walthamstow called ‘God’s Own Junk Yard‘.his is a quite miraculous place run by a guy called Chris Bracy who has been creating, collecting, designing and saving various neon signs and works for over 37 years. It’s a magical and beautiful place.

“Oh what a world of pleasure and delight,

Of power, of honour, of omnipotence,

Is promised to the studious artisan”

Dr Faustus

The glow of neon is an amazing and magical thing. In general, I love the use of small glow en mass.


birdman.Still135 (1)

But it is neon especially that bathes the world in such a beautiful light.



If you ever get the chance to head out to God’s Own then get out there. Galleries are so freakin’ stale and set up, it is such a pleasure to go somewhere that is just a man’s dream. Or rather, a man’s dream world. It is truly beautiful. 



Sitting amongst that glow, who cannot be inspired and magical. 


13.12.02_GODS-OWN-JUNKYARD_001-030-1Such is the power of Neon

Yeah. Know it. God’s Own Junk Yard is an art gallery in every way apart from the Art World signifiers that we ‘insiders’ so crave.

Fuck our art world. We should get back to colour.


Source: Bad Boys Neon