Return! Kthimi! (Albanian) Bueltan! (Basque) вяртанне! (Belarusian)!Bosnian povratak
Bulgarian: връщане!
Catalan: retorn!

Croatian: povratak!
Czech: zpáteční!


Long journeys we take, and long journeys take us. Away from what is normal and customary. Toward that which can be more difficult, toward that which can be more exciting, toward the unknown.
Danish: afkast!
Dutch: terugkeer!
Estonian: tagasipöördumine!
Finnish: paluu!
French: retour!
Galician: retorno!
German: Rückkehr!
Greek: απόδοση!
Hungarian: visszatérés!
Icelandic: aftur!
Irish: ar ais!
Italian: ritorno!


But we return and it is special. We return and it is loved. Or we return and all has changed, we return and nothing is the same, we return and we have imagined that place to where we are returning beyond all proportion. And it disappoints. And it destroys.
Latvian: atgriešanās!
Lithuanian: sugrįžimas!
Macedonian: враќање!
Maltese: ritorn!
Norwegian: retur!
Polish: powrót!
Portuguese: Retorna!
Romanian: a reveni!
Russian: вернуть!
Serbian: повратак!
Slovak: spiatočná!
Slovenian: vrnitev!
Spanish: regreso!
Swedish: retur!
Ukrainian: повернення!
Welsh: dychwelyd!
Yiddish: צוריקקומען!

But we return. For that is why we go away in the first place.